Michael Basch

Neuro Health & Hypnotherapist

The Basch Institute is an exciting, vibrant company that radically transforms lives. Using scientifically backed methods, we focus on enhancing your greatest asset – your brain. The Basch Institute has taken all the processes of life, business and motivational coaching systems and put them to the neuroscience test, to discover what really works and what doesn’t. By using this ground-breaking research, we are able to deliver the most effective, easy and innovative system of coaching ever – Neuro Success Coaching. Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Depression, Anxiety, Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD), brain fog, inattention, substance abuse and other personality disorders, are just some of the negative effects that we face because of our modern lifestyles.

At The Basch Institute, we believe that prevention will always be better than cure, and as such, our programmes are designed to give you preventative strategies that can assist in alleviating symptoms or assist you to avoid these conditions altogether.

Being healthy isn’t just about your body, it’s about your brain too. We give our clients viable alternatives to harsh chemical medication and ineffective processes, which often leaves individuals feeling worse than before or stuck in negative cycles. We believe the more informed people are, the better decisions and choices they can make for themselves. Through our processes, clients’ gain greater insight into their actions and emotions, unlocking their true potential and helping them overcome their limitations. “We know our clients are real people, with real lives, real jobs and real responsibilites. What they do matters, not only to them, but to their loved ones too. This is where the real value of what we do comes from, helping our clients with their whole life, not just part of it. We work with all of it, from the physical to the philosophical – The goal always being a happier, healthier more focused client.” The Institute is led by Michael Basch, an internationally accredited and certified Life, Business, Organisational Relationship, Brain Health Coach and Hypnotherapist.

We offer group workshops, aimed at giving you all the tools you need to boost your brains’ power, control negative emotions, effectively cope with stress and increase your overall wellbeing and happiness. We also offer individualised one-on-one sessions, which take you, the client, through a facilitated process, aimed at removing past hurt, stress, anxieties and focusing your brain onto a new path of growth, opportunities and success. Everyone can be successful at life! Fix your brain, fix your life, find your personal success and happiness. Now is the time to get beyond your problems and live a life that is complete, happy and fulfilled. The Basch Institute – Using the Science of Success to free your life!

To contact Michael Basch, email him on info@merakiinmotion.co.za

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