Natrishka Govender


Discobolus: an ancient Greek statue that depicted a single pose capturing Greek ideals about proportion, harmony, rhythm and balance. Experts since then have expressed, how the fluidity of movement in the body combines with a calm expression on the face, as if the thrower has achieved a perfect state of control in mind, body and spirit. This is the art of movement, the science of structure and the confidence that creates a composure which orchestrates movement as we know it.

I’m a biokineticist, who loves to dabble in the natural abilities of movement which our bodies are capable of. Movement is a part of our lives in such an essential and incredible manner. Moreover what makes it even more amazing are the components that have to come together in order for movement to take place. It is a symphony of ordered rights & lefts, pulls and pushes which then allow us to enjoy the experiences of life. The human body is a highly complex, yet most organized system that we can come across and I have the privilege of being able to work with the many unique but similar structured excellence on a daily basis.

I strive to give my patients the ability to understand and ‘feel’ of their bodies,that are in need of correction or adaptation. My aim is to always improve quality of life, by assisting in giving movement a better chance.

Biokinetics treatment is medically labelled; however there is a simplicity to it as well, resulting in maintenance being very achievable. Biokinetics allows patients to treat their conditions, whether it be orthopedic, cardiac, neurological and metabolic using non-evasive physical therapy as the platform. We take the body through gentle range of motions, basic and advanced lengthening of muscular tissues, stabilizing of muscular systems and strengthening of muscle groups, all of which provide support, pain management & ultimately better motion for the joints, bones and muscles. One goal is achieved here, progress to move better!

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