Venise Germanos


I am a counselling psychologist who qualified from the University of the Witwatersrand in 2006. I am also a part-time educator and fieldwork supervisor at the South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP) and St Augustine College.

I have a passion for the development and understanding of the self – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

As a psychologist, my aim is to provide a supportive environment in which my clients are able to discuss and explore challenging life issues whilst pursuing various strategies to bring about resolution and meaning.

The therapeutic space is a sacred space which I hold as the privilege of being witness to people’s life stories and emotions.

Psychotherapy or psychological counselling provides a safe environment to explore how the individual / couple / family / group engages with a variety of life circumstances and discover new perspectives. Diverse strategies and techniques may be utilised within the sessions with the specific purpose of facilitating the client/s’ growth, healing and enhancing general well-being.

Psychological assessments are useful as an additional process integrated with therapy (e.g. marriage counselling), or as a stand-alone method (e.g. career assessment) offering in-depth knowledge and awareness.

My therapeutic interests include working with teenage and adult issues; relationship counselling or couple’s therapy; self-esteem; therapist development and supervision; assessments; spiritual development; trauma; bereavement; stress management; skill development; anxiety and depression related issues. I offer a variety of services including:

  • Psychotherapeutic services:
    • Individual therapy
    • Couples therapy
    • Family or group therapy
    • Psychological assessments:
      • Career assessments
        • Grade 11 and 12 learners who would like guidance on their career choices, as well as adults who are looking to make a change in career
      • Subject choice for grade 9’s
        • Choosing the correct subjects in grade 9 is vital in order to go on to tertiary studies in the learners’ chosen field
      • Mandala Assessment Research Instrument (MARI)
        • Innovative assessment that uses colour, symbols and stages with the intention of gaining insight and clarity into current and past life situations. It is a unique experience which provides a visual exploration of specific opportunities, challenges and general life stage themes. This powerful journey process assists with decision-making, enhancing understanding, self-awareness and integration of experiences. This tool may be used in conjunction with therapy.

I am also fascinated by the astonishing capacity of alternate healing methods to provide clients with distinctive ways of achieving desired outcomes of healing and new understanding. Some of these include:

  • Alternate services:
    • Body spin energy healing
      • A powerful energy balancing technique developed by Dr Jeff Levin which aligns with the body’s energy centres to facilitate awareness and healing
    • Transpersonal numerology
      • A system developed by Richard Athol Higgins which enhances awareness of self, personality, relationships, career as well as challenges that one might face

A variety of workshops will also be on offer and further details of these will be made available once they have been scheduled. As session content, duration and purpose may vary, please inquire for the different rates. Medical aids are accepted.


Positions: Psychologist
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